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Supervision at a glance

The supervision of Life insurance companies is founded upon a set of documents presently in force : legislation, directives, guidelines, reports, communications, factsheets, and other important documents available under various topics on this Website.

In order to facilitate their overview, the links leading to these various documents have been pooled together on this page.

 (DR) = Directives
Supervision legislation 
(DR) Group
Life insurances
(DR) Individual
Life insurances
(DR) Financial
investments (I)
(DR) Financial
investments (II)
communications, etc.
Group Insurances (OPP)

Group and Individual Life insurance
Annual reporting to FOPI (TEDAP2)

OPP Account -> Generalities
OPP Account->Publication
OPP Account -> Data collection
OPP Account -> For external Auditors
NOTE : available only in German and French
Statistics 2006
 Older Documents
See link (on the right) "Older documents"

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Federal Office of Private Insurance FOPI
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