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SFBC Circulars

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The SFBC issues circulars whenever it wishes to provide information concerning the application of legal prescriptions, issue recommendations or obtain particular data.

There is no official translation of SFBC Circulars into English. You may therefore consult them either in German or in French.
Unofficial translations are available for the following Circulars:
SFBC- Circ. Date Keywords Subject  
SFBC-Circ. 05/1 07.03.06 Audit Audit of Banks and Securities Firms
Appendix 1

SFBC-Circ. 05/2 07.03.06 Audit Reports

Audit Reports of Banks and Securities Firms


Unofficial translations are also available for the following SFBC Circulars: EBK-RS 06/1 Kreditrisiken, EBK-RS 06/2 Marktrisiken, EBK-RS 06/3 Operationelle Risiken, EBK-RS 06/4 EM-Offenlegung, EBK-RS 06/5 Risikoverteilung, EBK-RS 06/6 Überwachung und interne Kontrolle. These translations have not been verified by the SFBC.

Other unofficial translations of SFBC Circulars can be downloaded from private websites.
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