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Non-life insurance

Non-life insurers are insurance institutions that are neither life insurers, nor reinsurers, nor insurers primarily engaged in health insurance. Approximately 100 insurance companies are subject to supervision by the “Non-life insurance” division.

Non-life insurers cover three categories of risks:
  • risks associated with the insured person himself or herself (accident, financial loss, legal costs, etc.)
  • risks associated with the loss or degradation of property belonging to the insured person (household, building, insurance against damage to one’s own vehicle, commodities, etc.)
  • risks associated with losses that the insured person may cause to someone else (general liability, vehicle liability)

Non-life insurance institutions engage in one or more lines of business envisaged by the Supervision Ordinance.

With 30% of total premiums in non-life insurance (i.e., without the insurers primarily engaged in health insurance), the “Motor vehicles” category (liability and own damage) is the largest, followed by “Fire and natural elements” (approx. 20%) and “Accidents” (approx. 15%).

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Last updated on: 20.06.2007

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