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A key element of group-wide supervision is the monitoring of equity capital resources, i.e. solvency, at the level of the group or conglomerate. So that the calculation is performed in a uniform manner, FOPI has issued a directive on Solvency I. The provisions concerning the required solvency margin in the insurance sector are closely based on the provisions of Swiss individual supervision and the relevant EU directives. In the financial sector, the rules of banking supervision law are used. The sum of the requirements in the insurance and financial sector is juxtaposed with the existing or allowable equity capital of the entire undertaking.

This ratio fails to take account of the risk profile of the individual groups and conglomerates sufficiently. In close cooperation with FOPI, these insurance
groups and conglomerates are now undertaking to adjust their internal risk-based
models to the requirements of the Swiss Solvency Test, SST (Solvency II). For a risk-based perspective, the conglomerates must, in addition to the risks in the insurance sector, also take the risks of the banking sector (Basel II) into account. The total
required equity capital (target capital) is juxtaposed with the allowable equity capital (risk-bearing capital) of the group or conglomerate.

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Last updated on: 25.05.2007
Priska Trachsel

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Federal Office of Private Insurance FOPI
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