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Access to official documents

In accordance with the Transparency Act in force since 1 July 2006, you may request access to official documents of the Federal Office for Private Insurance FOPI. The documents required may be accessed on the premises, however, you may also request a copy.

Your application for access may be made by telephone, by e-mail or by letter. The application should be formulated in a way that the General Secretariat can locate the documents required. To this end, as much information as possible should be supplied on the document or documents (e.g. date, title, reference number, time period, specific occurrence, subject area, authority responsible for compiling the document, authority which received the document, other authorities concerned). You may also contact us beforehand to obtain information on the documents available.
In principle the FOPI will express its opinion on the application within 20 days. This period of time may be extended, you will be informed of this, should this be the case.
If access is restricted, deferred or denied or if the General Secretariat has not expressed its opinion within the legally specified period of time, an application for arbitration may be made to the Office of the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner.
In principle, access to official documents is subject to a fee. Fees of less than CHF 100 will not be charged. If the costs are likely to be greater than CHF 100 you will be informed of this and the application will have to be confirmed before it will be processed.

The application forms are available in German, French and Italian only.

Formular für Gesuche um Zugang zu amtlichen Dokumenten

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