Financial reporting for occupational pension schemes

The occupational pension activities of private life insurers are reported in a separate statement. The legislator thus ensures that occupational pensions are kept separate from other types of business.

In the first revision of the Federal Act on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans (BVG) in 2004, the legislator created a framework for ensuring transparency in how surpluses in occupational pension schemes are distributed.

Fact sheet: Minimum quota: distribution of surpluses from Pillar 2

The minimum quota determines how much profit private life insurers are permitted to make in Switzerland. FINMA ensures compliance with these provisions.

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Fact sheet: Private life insurers in the second pillar

Life insurers manage approximately one fifth of second pillar pension assets and insure approximately 1.6 million employees, particularly those working at small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland.

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Comprehensive transparency

Life insurers must provide insured occupational pension funds with the information they need to meet their transparency obligations and enable the funds' governing bodies to fulfil their mandate. Another aim of the first BVG revision was to promote competition between life insurers and alternative forms of retirement provision.

Provisions on financial reporting for occupational pension schemes are set out in FINMA Circular 2008/36. It states that insurers must provide FINMA annually with a data collection portfolio, an accompanying report and a disclosure proposal as part of their financial reporting for occupational pension schemes. This documentation is reviewed by an external audit firm based on FINMA’s a standard audit strategy.

Begleitbericht zur Betriebsrechnung

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2008/36 FINMA-Rundschreiben "Betriebsrechnung berufliche Vorsorge" (20.11.2008)

Betriebsrechnung berufliche Vorsorge

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Annual disclosure report

Every year FINMA prepares a comprehensive report based on key figures from the financial reporting statements of all life insurers. FINMA publishes the reports on the disclosure of the financial reporting of private life insurers in Pillar 2 every autumn.

Occupational pension schemes at life insurers

Insurance market report 2015

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