Values and culture

Personnel policy, leadership culture, professional development and work-life balance

Three core values are key to FINMA’s supervisory activities: independent decision-making, assuming responsibility and acting consistently. FINMA’s personnel policy also reflects those values.

HR mission statement

 "FINMA will provide interesting internal development opportunities or act as a career springboard for employees who are prepared to deliver above-average performance and commit themselves to continuous learning. FINMA is the right employer for employees who are looking for challenges, are committed to FINMA's core tasks (licensing, supervision, enforcement and regulation) and want to rapidly assume responsibility."


The tools used in personnel policy, management and development follow this principle and are designed accordingly.


FINMA is a young, diverse authority, not just in terms of its responsibilities and when it was founded but also as regards the variety of languages used, the age range of its employees and the different nationalities represented. We regard this diversity as a strength to be retained and developed.


Managers at all levels within FINMA are also experts in their field. The fact that internal hierarchies are flat and teams are grouped by their specialist expertise means that communication and knowledge transfer are direct and authoritative. The jointly defined management principles embody these principles:

  • We focus on FINMA's objectives:

  • We act with the big picture in mind.

  • We continue to develop FINMA.

  • We want to achieve results rapidly.

  • We assume responsibility for our teams’ performance:

  • We apply our judgement and accept risks.

  • We communicate openly and fairly.

  • We support and nurture our staff.


FINMA encourages the personal development of its staff at all levels and makes a financial contribution towards job-related training and education.

Within FINMA's specialist career model, employees with outstanding specialist skills can pursue an alternative career path.

The HR tools are performance-related and have measurable criteria. They are designed to develop and nurture talent and recognise above-average performance.

Work-life balance

FINMA wants to maintain the motivation and performance levels of its staff over the long term. It therefore encourages a healthy balance between work and private life.

FINMA offers modern working models which include flexible working hours, part-time work and the possibility to work from home.

FINMA employees have access to free childcare and carer advisory services.