Information for recruitment agencies

HR at FINMA has defined a set of principles for collaborative relationships with recruitment agencies.

If you would like to forward us applications from potential candidates for consideration, please observe the following steps:

  • Compare the candidate’s profile against the job requirements and include a detailed written assessment with the required application documents, outlining why you consider the candidate appropriate for the position. 
  • Ensure that all mandatory requirements have been met and that only applications from genuinely interested candidates are put forward for consideration. 
  • Inform the candidates involved that your agency is putting forward their applications to FINMA without any involvement on FINMA’s behalf. 
  • The agency’s General Terms and Conditions of Business must be included in the application. 
  • Only applications for current job vacancies transmitted to us via our recruitment portal and which the agency has activated for consideration will be accepted. 

FINMA will contact your recruitment agency if the need arises to explore the possibilities of working together. If procedures at your agency are not in line with the steps indicated above, any applications put forward will be deleted without acknowledgement, and your agency will be black-listed.