Employee engagement

Good employment conditions, challenging assignments and a positive work environment nurture commitment and heighten motivation.

Alongside personal policy and job descriptions, a positive work environment gives staff the opportunity to explore new horizons, expand their knowledge and enhance efficiency.

Centrally located and modern offices

FINMA’s headquarters in Bern and its offices in Zurich are centrally located and easily reached by public transport. FINMA’s staff work in modern individual or shared offices equipped with modern IT and communications systems.

Knowledge transfer

Promoting cross-divisional knowledge transfer is standard practice at FINMA. To encourage dialogue with experts from the finance industry, the political world and academia, the FINMA Academy frequently organises seminars, info lunches and conferences to which external speakers and experts are invited.


Throughout the year, formal and informal events organised for FINMA’s staff also provide other networking opportunities across all the areas in which FINMA is active.

International cooperation

FINMA supervision involves licensing, monitoring, enforcement and regulation, requiring a strong international network. Many of its staff members participate in international expert committees.


Secondments also promote international cooperation. Temporary work experience and training arrangements are organised over a period of some months at institutions whose areas of activity are linked closely to those of FINMA. Assignments abroad, for instance in New York, London, Singapore and Hong Kong, enhance FINMA staff’s professional development, while employees from those foreign supervisory authorities can also come to Switzerland and spend time at FINMA.