Information for recruitment agencies


FINMA has set out guidelines for working with recruitment agencies.

If you would like to submit dossiers of potential candidates to FINMA as a recruitment agency, please consider the following procedure:

  • Accept in full the “Guidelines on cooperation between FINMA and recruitment agencies”
  • Compare the candidate's profile to the job specifications advertised and ensure that all the mandatory requirements for the job in question are met.
  • Send us a written analysis along with the candidate's application.
  • You propose candidates who are genuinely interested in a vacancy. These candidates have been informed by you in advance about the submission of their application.
  • You are liable to the candidates whose dossiers you submit to FINMA if you have not obtained their express consent in advance to submit their application.
  • Inform your candidates that their application is being put forward without FINMA having specifically requested to see their dossier.
  • Submit candidates' files using the “Current vacancies” link and only if the special button for recruitment agencies is visible.

 Files received from recruitment agencies, which do not follow this procedure will be automatically deleted. We look forward to working with you.