Investigating agents entered in the Commercial Register

FINMA can appoint an independent expert to clarify the facts of a case under supervisory law or to implement measures it has ordered. If this results in an update of a Commercial Register entry, FINMA publishes information on its use of such agents.

The list below contains companies and individuals for which an investigating agent has been appointed and entered in the Commercial Register. 

You can filter the list by the name of the person/company, the date of the measure(s) imposed and the agent's name. You can also see which cases concern licence holders and financial service providers suspected of carrying out unauthorised activities

Individuals and companies entered in this list are not necessarily in breach of any obligation or acted illegally. Where unauthorised activities are suspected, investors should note that FINMA investigates whether the provider in question needs to be authorised. Companies and individuals are removed from the list as soon as the facts are clear and any necessary changes have been made. 

Liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings ordered by FINMA in connection with proven unauthorised activity are published separately.