FINMA bulletins and special editions of the FINMA bulletin

FINMA publishes a selection of key rulings in its bulletins, a practice also observed by the Swiss Federal Court and the Swiss Federal Administrative Court. In addition to certain FINMA rulings, the bulletins also contain decisions handed down by the two courts that are relevant to FINMA's work. Special editions of the bulletin focusing on specific regulatory issues are also published.

FINMA bulletins are directed at a wide circle of specialists. They detail key, legally binding rulings issued by FINMA and decisions made by the Swiss Federal Court and the Swiss Federal Administrative Court that shape FINMA practice.

Bulletins: summary of rulings and decisions

The bulletins also feature some summarised considerations on rulings and decisions. They are preceded by a brief description of the content and a summary of the circumstances. Any Swiss Federal Court or Swiss Federal Administrative Court decision reproduced in FINMA bulletins includes the courts’ own brief description of content; here too, the circumstances may be summarised.

Rulings published in FINMA bulletins are generally anonymised. Rulings on a company’s dissolution or initiation of bankruptcy proceedings against it are, however, only anonymised if individuals are involved. Reproduction of court decisions in the FINMA bulletins is identical in form and manner to the original publications released by the courts.

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Bulletins: contents overview

Special bulletin editions: contents overview

From time to time, FINMA publishes special bulletins containing contributions on specific regulatory issues. Relevant documentation, reports and presentations are also included in the special editions.