FINMA’s input to public debate

FINMA discussion papers (formerly position papers) draw the public's attention to issues which it deems important for the financial market. These papers may also point to the need for legislative action.
FINMA keeps a close eye on developments in all segments of the financial market. At times it encounters trends and tendencies that warrant broad public discussion. FINMA may then initiate a public debate by publishing a discussion paper on the subject concerned.

FINMA discussion papers set out its observations and put forward proposals from the supervisory authority’s point of view. If FINMA ascertains a need for regulatory action, it can produce a discussion paper to highlight this. Suggestions made by the financial market regulator at this stage are never binding; they may turn out to be the first step in launching the legislative process.

Discussion papers:

Resolution of global systemically important banks

This FINMA position paper shows how the resolution of G-SIBs can be achieved operationally in Switzerland in cooperation with foreign authorities.

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Regulation of the production and distribution of financial products

This FINMA position paper shows what measures can be taken in Switzerland to better safeguard clients.

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Regulierung von Produktion und Vertrieb von Finanzprodukten an Privatkunden – Stand, Mängel und Handlungsoptionen

Im «FINMA-Diskussionspapier Vertriebsregeln» lanciert die FINMA die Diskussion, ob der Schutz der Finanzmarktkunden in der Schweiz durch geeignete Massnahmen verbessert werden kann.

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Assessing the potential for systemic risks in the insurance sector

The present contribution aims to develop an independent and differentiated view of systemic risks in the insurance sector, which can be brought into the ongoing national and international debates, and to complement the investigations conducted by the ”too big to fail” Commission of Experts in Switzerland.

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