Financial surety

Under Article 44 para. 1 let. b ISA those applying to join the register must hold professional liability insurance or provide equivalent financial surety.

Article 186 para. 1 ISO states that the insurance intermediary must hold professional liability insurance to cover any potential financial loss resulting from the violation of applicable professional standards. The sum insured for all claims for a one-year period must be at least CHF 2 million.

The minimum sum insured of CHF 2 million must be guaranteed for each company (legal entity) cov-ered and/or jointly covered by the policy. Where a policy covers multiple companies as insureds or additional insureds, the minimum sum insured must be multiplied by the number of covered and/or jointly covered companies.

The professional liability insurance must be issued by an insurance company licensed by FINMA. The policy must be subject to Swiss law and the place of jurisdiction and place of performance must be in Switzerland.

Confirmation from an employer can replace the requirement to provide proof of professional liability insurance.