Licensing and authorisation requirements

Some changes concerning the licence granted to a bank, securities dealer or branch of a foreign bank or securities dealer are subject to licensing or authorisation requirements.

The most important changes requiring a licence or authorisation from FINMA are as follows:

  • Changes to articles of association and regulationsmust be authorised by FINMA before they enter into force.

  • If a Swiss bank is to be transferred to foreign control, it needs an additional licence. The same applies to Swiss-controlled securities dealers and changes to qualified participations in foreign-controlled institutions.

  • Banks and securities dealers that use individual risk models to calculate capital adequacy requirements must have these authorised by FINMA.

  • Systemically important banks require FINMA’s authorisation to include certain capital instruments in their capital adequacy calculations.

2008/01 FINMA-Rundschreiben "Bewilligungs- und Meldepflichten Banken" (20.11.2008)

Bewilligungs- und meldepflichtige Tatbestände bei Börsen, Banken, Effektenhändlern und Prüfgesellschaften

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