Information on the Swiss Financial Center

Documentation of the DFA and FDF on the Swiss Financial Center
Regulatory projects regarding financial markets supervision

Federal authorities and public institutions

Federal authorities of the Swiss Confederation
Official chronological collection of the federal legislation
Systematical collection of the federal legislation
Swiss National Bank
Swiss Takeover Board
Swiss Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics
Money Laundering Reporting Office
Anti-Money Laundering Control Authority
Swiss Banking Ombudsman
Swiss Federal Gaming Board
Federal Office of Privat Insurance
Federal Audit Oversight Authority FAOA

National associations and organizations

SWX Swiss Exchange (and virt-x)
SIS SegaInterSettle AG
Swiss Bankers Association
Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks
Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland
The Swiss Union of Raiffeisen Banks
Swiss Private Bankers Association
Swiss Funds Association SFA

Swiss Office for Crime Prevention

Swiss Association of Independent Securities Dealers
BX Berne Exchange
Swiss Institute of Certified Accountants and Tax Consultants
SIIA Swiss Institute of Internal Auditing

International organisations

Bank for International Settlements
International Organisation of Securities Commissions
European Committee for Banking Standards
European Commission
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
International Monetary Fund
World Bank
World Trade Organization
List of central banks on the internet
List of stock exchanges supervisory authorities on the internet
Financial Accounting Standards Board
Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering
Financial Stability Forum

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