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23 November 2007
Luc Thévenoz elected President of the Takeover Board
The SFBC elected Luc Thévenoz President of the Takeover Board (TOB) as of 1rst January 2008. Luc Thévenoz holds the position of Full Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva since 1993 where he also directs the Center for financing and banking law. Since 2001, he is a member of the SFBC as well as of the Takeover Chamber of the SFBC since 2003. He previously was a member of the TOB during two years. Luc Thévenoz will leave the SFBC by the end of 2007.
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10 September 2007
SFBC publishes hedge funds report
In a background report the SFBC turns the spotlight on key aspects of the hedge fund business relating to systemic stability, market integrity, investor protection and business location. The report also deals with the regulatory and tax environment in Switzerland.
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> SFBC Hedge Funds Report (in German with "Executive Summary" in English)
18 July 2007
Takeover Chamber of the SFBC confirms TOB-recommendation IV dated 9 June 2007 regarding Converium
The Takeover Chamber of the SFBC confirms, subject to a few precisions, the recommendation IV of the Takeover Board (TOB) dated 9 June 2007 concerning the public purchase and exchange offer of SCOR S.A. for all registered shares of Converium Holding AG in hands of the public.
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> Decision of 13 July 2007 (in German)
4 July 2007
SFBC publishes report on self-regulation
Self-regulation has an important function in Swiss financial market regulation. The SFBC presents its position in a new report.
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> SFBC report on self-regulation (report in German with summary in English)
> Dr Urs Zulauf, Vice-Director / Head of the Legal Department of the SFBC
"Self-regulation in the financial sector – the Swiss experience“ (Speech)
25 June 2007
SFBC examines activities of Ticino's securities dealer firm AB Fin SA
The SFBC has appointed two persons in charge with the investigation of irregularities and the supervision of the running business.
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19 June 2007
The SFBC and the SNB sign a Memorandum of Understanding
The SFBC and the SNB have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the field of financial stability.
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> Memorandum of Understanding SFBC-SNB
1 June 2007
SFBC to strengthen shareholding disclosure rules
SFBC to enforce as of 1rst July 2007 first amendments of urgent partial revision of the provisions of SFBC-ordinance on stock exchanges regarding obligation to disclose shareholdings in listed companies.
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> Modifications of the SESTO-SFBC (in German or French)
> Comments on the Consultation
4 May 2007
Thomas Rufer to become TOB member
The SFBC elected Mr. Thomas Rufer to become member of the Takeover Board (TOB).
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29 March 2007
Alain Bichsel to take over as Head of Communication / Media Relations at the SFBC
Alain Bichsel is to take over as Head of the Communication/Media Relations staff unit at the Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC) on 1 July 2007.
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21 March 2007
SFBC warns of unauthorised financial intermediary
The SFBC publishes a part of its decision of December 18, 2003, whereby it issued a ban on advertising against Shaun Gregory Morgan relating to financial activities that require a license.
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> Decision of December 18, 2003 (in German)
7 February 2007
The Ordinance on Collective Investment Schemes of the SFBC comes into force
The Ordinance on Collective Investment Schemes of the SFBC comes into force on 15 February, 2007. In substance, it specifies the technical provisions of the Collective Investment Scheme Act and the Collective Investment Scheme Ordinance.
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> Ordinance on Collective Investment Schemes of the SFBC (CISO-SFBC)
(in German or French)
26 January 2007
Daniel Sigrist new Head of SFBC Large Banking Groups department
Daniel Sigrist will be the new Head of the Large Banking Groups department of the SFBC.
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