Speeches 2000

April 26, 2000
Press conference of the SFBC
On April 26, 2000, the SFBC released its Annual Report 1999.
On the occasion of the release of the Annual Report 1999, the SFBC held a press conference. The presentations given at this press conference and listed in the following can be accessed in PDF-format here. Unfortunately, they are only available in German or French.
Kurt Hauri, Chairman of the SFBC
Introduction (only in German)
SFBC challenged by ICEP recommendations
German  - French
Jean-Pierre Ghelfi, Vice-Chairman of the SFBC
Investigations about bonus systems
German  - French
Urs Zulauf, Vice-Director of the SFBC
Increasing exchange of information between the SFBC and foreign supervisory authorities
German - French
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