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September 21, 2000
SFBC asks for an international regulation regarding the treatment by banks of funds stemming from transnational corruption
In an intervention (download in PDF-format) at the International Conference of Banking Supervisors in Basle, Mr. Kurt Hauri, Chairman of the SFBC, asked for international minimum standards on the handling by banks of proceeds stemming from transnational corruption.
September 4, 2000
The Swiss Federal Banking Commission investigates banks in connection with Abacha funds
On Monday, the Swiss Federal Banking Commission released the results of its comprehensive investigation into the business relations of Swiss banks with the entourage of the former President of Nigeria, Sani Abacha. In its final report the SFBC identifies organisational weaknesses and shortcomings in several banks. Besides Switzerland, other international financial centres also were exposed to money flows from the entourage of Sani Abacha. The complete press release published today by the SFBC as well as the complete report published by the SFBC and its enclosure can be downloaded in PDF-format.
April 26, 2000
Press conference of the SFBC
On April 26, 2000, the SFBC released its Annual Report 1999.
On the occasion of the release of the Annual Report 1999, the SFBC held a press conference. The presentations given at this press conference and listed in the following can be accessed in PDF-format here. Unfortunately, they are only available in German or French.
Kurt Hauri, Chairman of the SFBC
Introduction (only in German)
SFBC challenged by ICEP recommendations
German  - French
Jean-Pierre Ghelfi, Vice-Chairman of the SFBC
Investigations about bonus systems
German  - French
Urs Zulauf, Vice-Director of the SFBC
Increasing exchange of information between the SFBC and foreign supervisory authorities
German - French
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March 21, 2000
Application of the Money Laundering Act to representative offices of foreign banks and securities dealers in Switzerland
In accordance with the Money Laundering Control Authority the SFBC informs all representative offices about the cases in which they have to join a SRO or apply for an authorisation of the Control Authority. The complete letter can be downloaded in German or in French in PDF-format.
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January 3, 2000
Prudential status of securities dealers as long as the application for authorisation has not been accepted or rejected
The SFBC hat sent on December 30, 1999, a letter to all securities dealers who have filed an application for authorisation as well as to all designated audit firms, to inform them on the prudential status of these securities dealers. As existing securities dealers theses companies are submitted to all prescriptions of the securities act and have to comply with them even if their application has not yet been accepted. They are nevertheless not authorized to call themselves supervised institutions. The complete letter can be downloaded in German or in French in PDF-format.
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