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As well as supervising licensed institutions, FINMA is also responsible for taking measures against companies and persons who engage in activities requiring a licence as prescribed in financial market legislationIn such cases, FINMA may appoint an independent and suitably qualified person (investigating agent) to investigate circumstances relevant for supervisory purposes. FINMA provides information on individual proceedings where this is deemed necessary under supervisory law, in particular if the information is required to protect market participants or supervised institutions, correct false or misleading information, or uphold Switzerland's reputation as a financial centre.

The list below includes companies and persons for whom an investigating agent has been appointed and entered in the Commercial Register. Inclusion in the list does not automatically mean that a company or person has been engaging in illegal activities. It is intended to make investors aware that FINMA is investigating the companies and persons shown to determine whether they should be subject to supervision. The list contains the names of the companies and persons in question, the entry date and other information that may help to protect investors. Companies and persons will be removed from the list as soon as the necessary investigations have been completed and any changes that may be required have been made. Liquidations and bankruptcy proceedings ordered in connection with business activities being conducted without authorisation are communicated separately.

Subordination process
» German Asset Managers Vermögensverwaltungs AG (09.10.2014)
» Kammermann Investment GmbH (02.10.2014)
» BDC Investment AG (21.07.2014)
» Vereinigte Treuhand AG Zürich (21.07.2014)
» Michele Resch AG (21.07.2014)
» 5barz AG (21.07.2014)
» Apartment Company AG und VIVIS AG (04.06.2013)
» CC Holdings GmbH, Luzern; CC Holdings Financial Services Ltd., Zweigniederlassung Luzern; CC Holdings LLC, Zweigniederlassung Luzern (27.11.2013)
» Forexone Group AG (13.10.2009)
» Forexone Ltd, Larnaca branch office Wädenswil (13.10.2009)
» GoLending Holding AG (22.07.2013)
» Hammer Gallery AG (07.04.2014)
» Loubna Fine Art Society AG (07.04.2014)
» MCC Mac Cojy Commodities GmbH (31.10.2013)
» OLIVEDA Switzerland AG (28.05.2014)
» ProTrade Handels GmbH (22.03.2013)
» Pyramid Advisory Associated AG, PAA-Immo1 AG, Bollmoor-Schmidt Michaela Carmen (05.03.2013)
» ReExploration Capital AG (17.01.2014)
» Sinitus AG (14.01.2014)
» Swiss Investors Group AG (17.01.2014)
» Thoenen Consulting GmbH (19.07.2013)
» Time Trade AG (17.01.2014)
» Unite Credit Group AG and Go Lending Ltd., London, branch office Cham (07.08.2013)
» Universal Investments (Financial Services) Limited London Zweigniederlassung Zürich (21.03.2013)
» Verein The Global Fine Art Club (TGFAC) (07.04.2014)
» WSH World Sport Hits AG (02.04.2014)