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As a state regulatory body, FINMA is endowed with sovereign authority over banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges, securities dealers and collective investment schemes. It is responsible for combating money laundering and, where necessary, conducts financial restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. In addition, it has supervisory powers with respect to the disclosure of shareholdings and is the body to which appeals against rulings of the Swiss Takeover Board (TOB) in the area of public takeover bids for listed companies are made.

FINMA grants operating licences to companies and organisations subject to its supervision. It ensures that supervised institutions comply with the relevant laws, ordinances, instructions and regulations, and continue to meet their licensing requirements. Where necessary and to the extent permitted under the law, FINMA imposes sanctions, provides administrative assistance, and regulates. It plays a role in amending legislation and ordinances, issues circulars and, where competent, issues its own ordinances. FINMA is also responsible for recognising self-regulating organisations.