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Here you will find FINMA's comments on consultations and hearings conducted by other authorities.

Partial revision of the Collective Investment Schemes Ordinance (CISO)

FINMA's comment of 07.01.2013 (in German)

Partial revision of the Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA)

FINMA's comment of 07.10.2011 (in German)

FINMA comments on the consultation draft of the federal law regarding the supervision of social health insurance (KVAG)

FINMA's comment of 06.05.2011 (in German)

FINMA’s response to the consultation on structural reform to occupational pensions

FINMA's comment of 11.02.2011 (in German)

Die Behörden unter dem Druck der Finanzkrise und der Herausgabe von UBS-Kundendaten an die USA – Bericht der Geschäftsprüfungskommissionen des Nationalrates und des Ständerates vom 30. Mai 2010

FINMA's comment of 26.11.2010 (in German)

Consultation on the amendments to the Stock Exchange Act (stock exchange offences and market abuse)

FINMA's comment of 29.04.2010 (in German)

Preliminary draft of federal law governing corporate legal counsel

FINMA's comment of 17.07.2010 (in German)