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Submission of business plan

  • Insurance undertakings wishing to obtain authorization for insurance activities must submit an application to the supervisory authority along with a business plan (art. 4 para. 1; art. 2. para 1 (a) and (b) ISA). 
  • Changes to the existing business plan in accordance with art. 5 ISA shall be disclosed to FINMA. 

Forms for recording business plan data


1  Including non-life insurers (only) providing health insurance.
2  Only branches of foreign undertakings are recorded here.
3  See explanations to forms I and Q.

Business Plan: Cover sheet
Forms for recording business plan data


Business Plan: Forms A1
Articles of association (or incorporation) of an insurance companies domiciled in Switzerland

Business Plan: Forms A2
Articles of association (or incorporation) of a branch of an insurance company domiciled abroad

Business Plan: Forms A3
Articles of association (or incorporation) for health insurance companies offering (or planning to offer) supplementary health insurance in accordance with Article 12 para. 2 of the Health Insurance Act

Business Plan: Form B
Organizational structure and geographic areas of activity

Business Plan: Form C
Licence from the competent foreign supervisory authority or equivalent certification

Business Plan: Form D
Details of financial resources and provisions

Business Plan: Form E
Annual financial statements for the last three business years or the opening balance sheet if a new insurance undertaking

Business Plan: Form F
Details of persons who directly or indirectly hold at least 10% of the capital or voting rights

Business Plan: Form G
Schedule of named individuals entrusted with the direction, supervision, control and management and/or person(s) holding a general power of attorney

Business Plan: Form H
Designation of the responsible actuary

Business Plan: Form I
Designation of the independent auditor and the persons responsible for the Mandate (Resolved as of 1.1.2015)

Business Plan: Form J
Contracts or other agreements by which principal functions of the insurance undertaking are to be outsourced

Business Plan: Form K
Proposed insurance classes and the nature of the risks to be insured

Business Plan: Form L
Statement of membership of the National Bureau of Insurance and the National Guarantee Fund

Business Plan: Form M
Details of resources available to provide assistance services

Business Plan: Form N
Reinsurance plan or retrocession plan

Business Plan: Form O
Estimate of costs required to build up the insurance undertaking (initial approval)

Business Plan: Form P
Projected balance sheets and projected statements of income (initial approval)

Business Plan: Form Q
Details of risk identification, limitation and monitoring

Business Plan: Form R
Rates and general conditions of insurance (occupational pension plans and supplementary health insurance)

Supporting document
Establishment of a branch in Switzerland: Authorization certification empowering the general representative