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Authorised institutions

FINMA maintains the following lists of all authorised institutions and investment funds which you may download in Excel or PDF format:

Banks and securities dealers

Authorised banks and securities dealers  
Authorised Raiffeisen banks  
Authorised representative offices of foreign banks and securities dealers  


Insurance companies under the supervision of FINMA (in German)  
Insurance groups under the supervision of FINMA (in German)

Collective investment schemes and asset managers

Approved Swiss collective investment schemes
Lists of changes
Foreign collective investment schemes approved for distribution in or from Switzerland
Lists of changes
Authorised fund management companies, representatives of foreign collective investment schemes and distributors of collective investment schemes  
Authorised asset managers of collective investments  
Recognised electronic platforms according to Art. 39 CISO  

Stock exchanges

Authorised remote participants of a stock exchange, swiss stock exchanges and institutions similar to stock exchanges and authorised foreign stock exchanges  
Recognised foreign exchanges relative to the reporting requirement

Money laundering

Authorised financial intermediaries according to Art. 2 para. 3 Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA)  
Group companies under the FINMA Money Laundering supervision
Self-regulatory organisations (SRO)  

Audit companies

Licensed audit companies (banks, securities dealers, collective investment schemes and insurance companies)  
Licensed audit companies (Anti-Money Laundering Act, AMLA)

Rating agencies

Recognised rating agencies
Mapping SA-CH und SA-BIZ
Mapping IRB

These lists are regularly updated. However, institutions recently granted a license to commence business may not yet habe been entered on the relevant list. Similarly, an institution whose license has recently been withdrawn may still be listed. Institutions that have ceased to perform activities requiring a license, but which are still subject to FINMA supervision, do not appear on these lists.

In case of doubt, you may contact the following address if you wish to find out whether a particular institution is licensed to conduct a certain type of business:

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA
Einsteinstrasse 2
3003 Bern

Phone +41 (0)31 327 91 00
Fax +41 (0)31 327 91 01